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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the study of fluid flows using the techniques of numerical analysis and computer programming. CFD is often used early in the design process for aircraft, spacecraft, jet turbines, combustors, and atmospheric dispersion. When used in lieu of the build and test process, significant cost savings can be realized. Wind tunnels and scale tests are extremely expensive both in terms of man power and energy usage. Performing CFD simulations of physical phenomena in software, to refine final designs, before physical testing is undertaken also increases the rate at which novel ideas can be explored.

Beyond simply simulating fluid flows, computational design methods incorporating CFD solutions have the capability to explore design automation. That is, the software itself can design a particular object (airfoil, combustor, rotor blade, etc.) to optimize a certain characteristic without the intervention of the engineer. This often suggests non-intuitive, well-performing designs which can then act as the basis for further design refinement and exploration. aims to be a resource to aid engineers in exploring and learning these technologies to better aid the design process. Also, we aim to be an information portal for research and development of new techniques and technologies related to CFD.

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Check out our new articles section. There are already articles up on adjoint based design optimization, linear finite elements, and an overview of computational fluid dynamics for those who are curious about the field. We will continue covering topics ranging from numerical analysis to CFD code optimization techniques. These articles are a great resource for anyone looking for a few extra flops or a new way to solve an existing problem. Have suggestions? We love to hear them.

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